Data Governance Business Benefits Assessment

Getting approval to start is the first and one of the biggest challenges you will face when attempting to implement Data Governance. The main reason for this is that it can be difficult to understand exactly what your organisation stands to gain from it.  Generic benefits are difficult, if not impossible, to sell to senior executives who want to know how it will help them achieve their objectives.  

If you are currently thinking about, or trying to start, a Data Governance initiative, I can help you.  Using my unique methodology and 13 years of Data Governance experience, I can do a short focused piece of work to identify the specific benefits your organisation will gain from Data Governance, leaving you able to build a clear focused business case.

My Data Governance Benefits Assessment is a three day fixed price piece of work, leaving you with a report of what your organisation can achieve from implementing Data Governance.

Please get in contact if you wish to find out more about this service.