Data Governance Clinics

  • Are you facing obstacles with your Data Governance initiative?

  • Do you struggle to get people to adopt best practices?

  • Do you want practical answers to hep you move forward?

Why not attend a Data Governance Clinic to get pragmatic solutions to your challenges, learn from others, share knowledge and insight and network with others in a similar situation?

In my experience it is common for businesses to face challenges with any change process and data governance in particular.  It's different, seems difficult, adds work for already busy people and many people just don’t understand the benefits. 

Implementing Data Governance can be frustrating and lonely at times.  You know what needs to be done, but it can be very difficult to convince others.   

These challenges can be overcome and to help you do that, I am running Data Governance Clinics.  You will be able to submit your challenges in advance of the session and if time allows ask additional questions on the day.


"The whole session was perfect with engagement from all parties and certainly met my requirements and I would recommend the clinic for anyone needing guidance on Data Governance." Kevin Pipkin, Data Quality Manager at Simplyhealth