Data Governance Coaching

As my title suggests I am unique in the industry offering coaching where most others only offer expensive consultancy. Instead of doing the data governance implementation for you I will coach, mentor and support you to develop and implement the entire framework within your organisation. 

A coaching package consists of 10 one-hour sessions (usually via telephone or Skype) to be used as appropriate to your needs. For example, you may start with one call a week and progress to less frequent calls or spread the calls across key individuals working on the initiative. 

The Benefits of Coaching

  • Independence: with the support of an experienced Data Governance expert, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to execute and maintain your entire data strategy
  • Continuity: the flexibility to work with your company culture and staff ensures a smooth transition to a business as usual state
  • Cost: coaching significantly lowers costs as it does not require a full-time consultant on site to implement your Data Governance Framework nor does it ultimately leave you dependent on a continuing service.


"This training was exactly what we needed, when we needed it. We needed to totally rework our data governance practices (or lack of practices) and this combination of training and coaching was perfect for our core data governance team. The content of the training really set the foundation for us. Nicola’s guidance in key areas helped confirm a lot of our thinking as well as avoid a few pitfalls."  Ron Webb Executive Director APQC
"Nicola delivered a well-structured and thought out presentation on Data Governance which inspired us to drive forward our Data Governance model and provided clarity on what data governance is and isn’t which isn’t obvious until it is spelt out.
The training was followed up with a number of one to a small group of coaching sessions which enabled us to discuss our stakeholder experiences and governance policies and procedures where Nicola provided very helpful feedback using examples from her wealth of experience in developing and implementing Data Governance in large organisations. I would highly recommend Nicola’s training and coaching sessions which has helped me take data governance forward in my organisation."