Online Training

My Getting Started in Data Governance course is also available online.

In four modules of approximately one hour each, this course covers the three steps to Data Governance Success:

  1. Work out how to engage your stakeholders and convince them that your organisation needs Data Governance
  2. Design a Data Governance Framework that is right for your organisation 
  3. Understand the correct approach to implement your Data Governance Framework successfully and sustainably

Click here for more details of what the course covers.


In keeping with my coaching approach, all students participating in this course will have access to me to ask questions as they work through the course via an online forum.  After registering you will be also offered the option to purchase coaching to support you as you complete the course.

My Quality Guarantee

  • This approach has been proven to work in a variety of different industries and sectors.

  • Attending this course will enable you to design and implement Data Governance in a simple, practical manner.

  • This course gives you the knowledge you need to implement Data Governance without expensive external support.


"This training was exactly what we needed, when we needed it. We needed to totally rework our data governance practices (or lack of practices) and this combination of training and coaching was perfect for our core data governance team. The content of the training really set the foundation for us. Nicola’s guidance in key areas helped confirm a lot of our thinking as well as avoid a few pitfalls."  Ron Webb, Executive Director, APQC
"Best In Market - Easy and quick to get head around Data Governance right from inception to implementation." Venkata Valluri, Data Manager, Telstra

"I have just completed this very informative and easy listening online course. The tips and hints I have picked up will really help me in my new role as Data Governance Officer. If you are just starting out in Data Governance I would highly recommend this online course." Tracy Curran, Data Governance Officer, Scottish Qualifications Authority