Data Governance Coaching

Flexible Data Governance support when you need it

You've done the training course, read the books, scoured the internet.  You feel that you truly have mastered the theory of Data Governance.

So why is actually making it happen so difficult? It seems that turning the theory into reality is far harder than getting your head round the concept in the first place!

You have spent ages perfecting your Data Governance Framework but your senior stakeholders just don’t seem to get it and you feel like you are constantly facing obstacles and challenges.

It’s frustrating isn’t it?

I’ve been there too!  I love learning and long before I got into Data Governance I used to love going on courses. I would leave a course feeling inspired, ready to take on the world only to have my enthusiasm quashed the very next morning when I was told “well that won’t work here”.  

I always wanted to go back to the trainer to ask them what do I do now?

That’s why I came up with the idea of coaching my clients.

There is no such thing as a standard Data Governance Framework.  For it to be successful it needs to be specific to your organisation.  The methodology in my Data Governance Training courses takes you through all the areas you need to address in order to design and implement a Data Governance Framework that is right for your company,  but it’s nice just to have someone to help you work out what to do and more importantly how to do it.

I can work with you and use my wealth of experience to help you overcome the challenges you are facing, whether that is preparing for a meeting with challenging stakeholders, identifying Data Owners or drafting Data Governance documents.  Coaching is a flexible option to give you the support you need when you want it.

There are two options available:

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Regular support during your Data Governance Initiative:

Six, one hour sessions (recorded for you to refer to afterwards). One coaching call a month for six months.

Data Governance Coaching Plus

Coaching Plus

For those who want a bit more support and flexibility:

Ten, one hour sessions (recorded for you to refer to afterwards). You have the flexibility to use the sessions as you wish over six months.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I get coaching calls?

That depends on which option you go for: on the Coaching Package you get one call a month for six months, on the Coaching Plus Package you get 10 calls to use whenever you like (subject to calendar availability) over six months.

Can other team members join the coaching calls?

Yes you are welcome to invite your team members to join the calls or allow another team member to have the call instead of you.

Will you review documents during a coaching call?

My objective is to help you do Data Governance successfully so I am happy to use some of the coaching call time to review any Data Governance documents you have produced, if that would help you.

What topics are usually discussed?

This varies depending on where you are on your Data Governance journey and what challenges you are facing, but it can include agreeing approaches, resolving challenges or advice on tools.