Head over to the DataQualityPro website to see my interview with Dylan Jones discussing what you can expect to achieve in the first six months of your Data Governance initiative.


This video is of my presentation on Key Data Governance Concepts at the DAMA UK / BCS DMSG joint event in June 2016:

In this video I explain the difference between Information Governance Training and Data Governance Training and help you decide which you need.

A short video explaining how Data Governance training can help you. You can find out more and sign up at: http://bit.ly/GSIDGOn

This checklist will help you formulate a plan for Data Governance success. You can download the checklist at: https://www.nicolaaskham.com/free-data-governance-checklist

This short video takes you through the key items you need to include in a data quality issue log.

I have created this short video to explain how to write good data definitions - hope you find it useful!

Are you trying to find out how to get Data Governance Training? Then this very short video is for you!

I've created this short video to explain who is responsible for resolving data quality issues.

In this short video I explain What is Data Governance.