An Information Management Fairy Tale

The feedback and response I got to my last blog got me thinking about Data Governance Fairy Stories and whether there was room for me to be to the Data Management world what the Grimm Brothers are to children's literature. I rapidly came to the conclusion that the answer was probably not, but that perhaps I could do a series of blogs on the theme. 

Whilst considering my next fairy story blog, I immediately thought of a video produced by Platon, an independent Information Management Consultancy. Platon is an excellent company, who gave me my first consulting job (I feel I must be open in the interests of disclosure). 

When I first saw the video I loved it, it made me smile and nod knowingly, but then I had second thoughts. I love it because I'm a data geek, but was it too simple to share with clients and prospects? Surely we should be showing slick, cutting edge videos about the company’s services?

My worries didn’t last long, I tested it out on a few friends in the data management world and their reaction was overwhelmingly positive, as it has been from the many people I’ve shown it to since. This was my first experience of the importance of story telling for all things Data Governance and Data Quality. I learnt a very useful lesson on how valuable it is to use a story to highlight the issues that people are experiencing and to explain how implementing a data governance framework can help.

I could wax lyrical, pressing the point further, but if you are anything like me you are now thinking that you’d like to go and find the video and watch it. To be honest it illustrates the point far better than any more words from me could. So I’ll make your life easier and give you the link:

Just don’t forget to come back for the next installment of the Data Governance Fairy Stories!

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